Biscoff and Nutella Treat Box

Biscoff and Nutella Treat Box

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Box of Nutella and Biscoff treats containing:

1x Nutella Stuffed Cookie
1x Biscoff Stuffed Cookie
1x Nutella Brookie Pie
1x Biscoff Brookie Pie
1x Nutella Rocky Road
1x Biscoff and White Chocolate Rocky Road

The following products contain:
Nutella Stuffed Cookie: egg, milk, soya, wheat, hazelnut
Biscoff Stuffed Cookie: egg, milk, soya, wheat
Nutella Brookie Pie: egg, milk, soya, wheat, hazelnut
Biscoff Brookie Pie: egg, milk, soya, wheat
Nutella Rocky Road: egg, milk, soya, wheat, hazelnut
Biscoff and White Chocolate Rocky Road: egg, milk, soya, wheat

Rocky road is not suitable for vegetarians.

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All items made in a kitchen which uses milk, egg, soya, wheat, sulphites, peanuts and tree nuts so while every precaution is taken, we cannot guarantee any products are completely free from traces of these allergens.